About SGP

SnowGoat Pictures is a Mar Vista based creative agency founded by writer/director/producer, Matt Eppedio.  With over twenty years of production experience, Matt has developed a sharp creative instinct by working closely with the best. Leaning towards comedy, he made the jump out of development from New Line Cinema into production with the Farrelly Brothers on THE RINGER. His pursuits soon led him to work with Ben Stiller as one of the producers of TROPIC THUNDER. During production, he and writer Justin Theroux simultaneously shot the mock-u-mentary, RAIN OF MADNESS.  From there he was recruited by production company, Monkey Deux where he developed and created content for over 40 movies and TV shows.

Matt spend six months in Rome and Paris, embedded once again with Ben Stiller on Zoolander 2, shooting a staggering amount of content for social media and marketing. If you are one of the 1.7 billion people who saw Derek and Hansel walking the runway at the Valentino Fashion, then you’ve seen his work.

Since then, SnowGoat has traveled the globe from Tel Aviv, London, Iceland, Toronto, New York and of course Atlanta, writing and producing pre-release content for all the major studios and working with a range of filmmakers from Jonás Cuarón to Amy Poehler.   As one of the fortunate companies to survive 2020/2021, SnowGoat’s team continues to create engaging content with shoots last year in Portland, Albuquerque, and Mexico City.

Our most exciting work is on the horizon with several original scripted feature films currently in development.   Stay tuned for more….